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Update for Lake Maurepas Boaters

What is happening on Lake Maurepas Now?

As of early July 2023, the subsurface seismic survey is complete: Air Products’ contractor has mapped the subsurface of the Lake. Air Products’ contractors are drilling its first test well, in the Southern portion of the Lake. Test wells are drilled to confirm subsurface geology of the Lake only – nothing is produced from or injected into the Test wells. This work for a Class V well has already been permitted by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and Air Products has applied for a second Class V Test Well Permit for the northern area of the Lake.

Drilling activities will run into the spring of 2024.

What will I see if I am on the lake this week?

Air Products’ contractors are continuing work on the permitted South test well.

Air Products’ contractors have replaced its boom line with buoys and flashing lights around the perimeter of the rig to provide a more robust visual safe buffer zone. Boaters should stay outside of these buoys and 500 feet from the rig area for their safety and the safety of the workers.

How can I be safe when I am on the lake?

For the safety of the crews working and for the public, boaters should stay 500 feet from the construction activities. Safety for our workers, contractors and everyone who uses the Lake is Air Products’ top concern in all that we do.

To learn more about boating safety, visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ website.

What is Air Products doing to protect the lake environment during this work?

Air Products is committed to protecting the environment of Lake Maurepas. Experts from Southeastern Louisiana University are monitoring the Lake’s health. To learn more about SLU’s Lake Maurepas Monitoring Project, click here.

While spills are not expected, the protective boom will keep a barrier between our work site and the larger Lake environment. 

In addition, Air Products’ contractors will deploy equipment that will reduce carbon emissions during the construction while also lowering the sound level of our work crews.

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