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Air Products is committed to open and continuous engagement with residents, local governments, and civic and community organizations. We view it as very important to the community to make ourselves available, and in true Air Products spirit, our efforts go beyond the regulatory requirement for this project.

Air Products is an extremely safety-oriented company when it comes to our people, the surrounding community and its residents, and the environment, and we will continue outreach to talk about the project and its environmental and economic benefits. We also are required to maintain a continuous public awareness program in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in order to operate. This includes continuous engagement with emergency responders.

In addition to the extensive monitoring required of Air Products during sequestration, the company is required to monitor the area for 50 years after injection of CO₂ has ended.

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Project Updates

April 2, 2024

Air Products announced on Tuesday that it has made the first donation to the capital campaign for the Launch Therapy Center. Through the Air Products Foundation, the company is providing a $250,000 grant to expand Launch’s ability to serve children and families of Livingston parish.

Air Products has completed the drilling of the permitted South Test well and the drilling rig was safely moved off of Lake Maurepas this past weekend.

The final step of the construction work on this permitted South Test well is building the well guard around the completed well, which will be underway during the month of April.

Once this well guard is finished, Air Products’ construction work on Lake Maurepas will pause during the busy boating season.

Southeastern Louisiana University’s Lake Maurepas Monitoring Project is publishing real-time data from four monitoring buoys it placed on the Lake at www.southeastern.edu/LakeMaurepas

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Lake Maurepas Boaters

Air Products is currently conducting test wells on Lake Maurepas. Find out the location of these test wells along with some tips for a safe and enjoyable day on the water.

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Air Products is committed to open and continuous engagement with residents, local governments, and civic and community organizations.

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