Background on food waste

Food has become plentiful and the choice facing consumers has never been greater. However, with such abundance and choice, food waste has become a major global issue, impacting both the developed and developing world.

According to the United Nations → and the UE, approximately 100m tonnes of edible food is thrown away in the Europe Union annually. Such is the waste on a global level that the United Nations also estimates that every year the developed world throws away almost as much food as is produced annually in sub-saharian Africa. These and other alarming research findings, have led the EU commission → to investigate how food waste can be limited and incentives are being set up to halve the disposal of edible food in the EU by 2020. EU countries, the food and retail industries are already responding with initiatives to fight food waste.

Air Products’ focus on sustainability → is aligned with our business strategy serving energy, environment and emerging markets. Its sustainability goals include a reduction in: greenhouse gases; hazardous waste, consumption of water and energy.

Freshline® Superfresh is an innovative methodology and part of our efforts protecting the environment and solving our customers’ challenges.

Food Waste Facts – Did you know?

  • Food waste → is an issue for both developed and developing countries
  • Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted.
  • In developing countries 40% of waste happens after harvest and during processing
  • In industrialised countries 40% of waste happens at retail and consumer level
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Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

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