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Sulphur Mountain in Banff Alberta Canada

Canada Net-zero Hydrogen Energy Complex

Air Products’ new net-zero hydrogen energy complex, expected to come on-stream in 2024, will make Edmonton, Alberta the centre of western Canada’s hydrogen economy. Canada is well positioned to be a global hydrogen leader, which will help to create thousands of jobs, grow the economy, reduce emissions, and put Canada on a path to achieving net-zero by 2050. This project will reduce Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Set to break ground in Edmonton, Air Products' transformative new $1.6 billion hydrogen facility will deploy advanced technology and an innovative design to deliver net-zero emissions. Connecting this new facility to our existing pipeline network will help our refining and petrochemical customers reduce the carbon intensity of their energy products and improve their sustainability performance. The world-scale liquefaction facility will help to accelerate the use of hydrogen as an emission-free transportation fuel across western Canada. Think of it this way—there will be enough liquid hydrogen capacity to fuel every public transit agency across Alberta.
Project funding event for net-zero hydrogen energy complex in Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex Receives Funding

The Canadian federal and provincial governments announced approximately $475 million (CAD) in project funding for Air Products’ $1.6 billion (CAD) landmark net-zero hydrogen energy complex in Alberta. The facility, already being executed, will make Edmonton, Alberta the centre of western Canada’s hydrogen economy and set the stage for Air Products to operate one of the most competitive and lowest-carbon-intensity hydrogen networks in the world.
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Fuelled by facts

Edmonton and its surrounding municipalities are driving the transition to a clean energy future. The new energy complex provides options for expansion and for billions in additional private sector investment in the region over time. This represents a huge economic boost for the region and a critical step toward meeting Canada’s climate goals. The liquid hydrogen facility will make Alberta a leading supplier of liquid hydrogen to western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.


The facility will create 2,500 construction and engineering jobs near-term, with more job creation to come in the hydrogen transportation industry long-term


The Edmonton, Alberta facility and complex will see investment of  $1.6 billion (CAD).


The facility will play a critical role in helping Canada advance its climate and energy security ambitions.


The facility will use advanced Auto-Thermal Reforming (ATR) technology and include a hydrogen-fueled power generation plant and a liquid hydrogen facility.

How It Works

Today, almost all industrial-scale hydrogen is produced using Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology. If the SMR is equipped with carbon capture technology, then the per-unit emissions can be reduced by about half. To achieve net-zero emissions, Air Products will use advanced process technology – Auto-Thermal Reforming (ATR) – which enables 95% of the carbon to be captured, transported, and safely stored back underground.

As well, the design incorporates a hydrogen-fueled power generation facility. This reduces the CO2 intensity to a level that is close to zero. Then to become net zero, the project is configured to export clean electricity to the grid, where it offsets higher carbon intensity electricity. Additionally, the “blue, but better” hydrogen supplied from our facility will replace diesel and natural gas as a zero-emission fuel in downstream sectors in the developing hydrogen economy, providing significant GHG reductions across the region and Western Canada.

Alberta, Canada blue hydrogen process schematic
Edmonton Plant

Air Products to Support Imperial’s Renewable Diesel Plans with Low-Carbon Hydrogen Supply

Air Products will supply low-carbon hydrogen for Imperial's proposed renewable diesel complex at its Strathcona refinery, providing ~50% of the output from its Alberta Blue Hydrogen Hub under construction in Edmonton to the refinery.
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Air Products Wins Best Carbon Management Initiative Award for Alberta Project

At the Chemical Industry Financial Outlook Forum & Sustainability Awards, Air Products received the Best Carbon Management Initiative Award from Chemical Week for its innovative net-zero hydrogen energy complex in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

“Our new net-zero facility will enable significant greenhouse gas reductions and provide for a cleaner energy future for everyone,” said Air Products Canada Vice President Rachel Smith upon accepting the sustainability award.
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Picture of Rachel Smith accepting an award, courtesy of dmg events.
Photo courtesy of DMG Events

Air Products Wins Hydrogen Project Award at Canadian Hydrogen Convention

At this year’s Canadian Hydrogen Convention, Air Products won the Hydrogen Project Award for its planned net-zero hydrogen energy project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The Canadian Hydrogen Awards shine a spotlight on excellence in the hydrogen industry. Recognizing leaders, innovators and trail blazers in energy, companies and individuals are recognized for transforming the industry and promoting healthy advancement of the sector.

Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Alberta, Canada


Keeping our people safe is our top priority at Air Products, and we’re proud that our dedicated teams were recognized at the Compressed Gas Association Annual Meeting for their commitment to safety every day. Our Ft. Saskatchewan facility was recognized at the Bronze Level for achieving 50,000 hours or 5 years with no lost time work accidents, while our Corunna facility was recognized at the Gold Level for achieving 750,000 hours or 15 years with no lost time work accidents.

Air Products' Hydrogen Expertise

60-year track record
Delivering safe, proven hydrogen technology solutions. As the world’s largest hydrogen producer, we have experience across the full value chain.
Operating in over 50 countries
We partner with all types of companies to incorporate the power and sustainability of clean hydrogen, including as an emission-free fuel for mobility. 
Hydrogen expertise
Hydrogen is the best clean fuel alternative for heavy-duty vehicles like buses, trucks, ships and trains due to the duty-cycle associated with these applications. Because of hydrogen’s versatility and abundance, it is an ideal transportation zero-emissions solution.
Canadas leading hydrogen supplier
Air Products has had a strong presence in the Edmonton and Alberta Heartland region for many years. We currently operate three world-scale hydrogen production facilities and a 55-kilometre hydrogen pipeline network. We also operate a hydrogen production facility, a 30-kilometre pipeline network and a liquefaction facility in Sarnia, Ontario.

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