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Clean Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen plays a critical role in the energy transition and in mitigating the effects of climate change. Clean hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources will be essential to decarbonizing hard-to-electrify industrial processes like steelmaking and chemicals processing. Hydrogen can also provide a zero-emissions fuel source when used in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

We're Leading the Way in Green and Blue Hydrogen

Clean hydrogen is essential to the energy transition and in decarbonizing heavy transportation and industry. By investing billions in scaling clean hydrogen production, Air Products is showing the world we have the technology and expertise to generate a cleaner future.

Why Clean Hydrogen?

In energy-intensive sectors of our economy where electrification isn’t practical—like heavy industry and heavy transportation—clean hydrogen molecules can provide a zero-emissions source of energy.

clean hydrogen by the numbers


reduction in global emissions is possible if hydrogen is utilized to decarbonize heavy-duty transport and industry*

$6 trillion

savings in the cost of the energy transition by utilizing hydrogen to decarbonize heavy-duty transport and industry*

$15 billion

committed by Air Products to projects that will advance low-carbon hydrogen production and speed up the energy transition

Abundant Clean Hydrogen Energy Supply

Map showing locations of Air Products' clean hydrogen projects: Edmonton, Canada-blue hydrogen production | New York-green hydrogen production | Arizona-green hydrogen production | Louisiana-blue hydrogen production | Immingham, UK-RE terminal and hydrogen production | Hamburg, Germany-RE terminal and hydrogen production | Rotterdam, Netherlands-RE terminal and hydrogen production, blue hydrogen production | NEOM, Saudi Arabia-green hydrogen production

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