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Cryo-Condap solvent abatement system

Cryo-Condap® System

Cryogenic recovery and abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Do you want to abate your emissions and recover your solvents using just one technology?

The Cryo-Condap® system, our proprietary technology for recovering solvents, is the solution you are looking for.

The Cryo-Condap® system uses liquid nitrogen to condense VOCs at the closest temperature to their freezing point. Due to this capability, the Cryo-Condap® system has an optimal condensation rate, which makes it easy to remove the VOCs from the gas stream to conform with environmental requirements.

The solvents can be recovered for re-use where appropriate. The clean nitrogen gas is available for re-use in blanketing and purging operations on site. In some cases, the recovered costs can exceed the costs of control.

See how the Cryo-Condap® system can help you achieve your emission targets.

What are the Benefits of Air Products Cryo-Condap®​ Technology?​

Meet your Emissions Target

Cryo-Condap® technology enables you to meet the toughest environmental regulation on VOC emissions

Recover Solvents

Cryo-Condap® systems can recover virtually 100% of most types of solvents, enabling their re-use back into your process

Minimise your Operating Costs

The Cryo-Condap® process produces a clean nitrogen gas that can be used for purging or blanketing operations

Handle Multi-Solvents Streams

It can treat multiple solvents present in a single gas stream, ensuring that emission levels are met

Expert Technical Support

Our cryogenics and engineering teams provide expert support and consultation

Ask the Expert

“What are the main benefits of cryo condensation?”
It helps meet local requirements on VOC emissions limits, enhances recovery and recycling of wasted solvents.

Cryo-Condap® Technology

This short video shows how the Cryo-Condap® system helps you achieve your emission targets.

Want to abate your emissions and recover your solvents?

Our cryogenic team can provide expert support and consultation for your needs.

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