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Precision Gas Mixers

Safely and reliably supply precise mixtures of two or more industrial gases.

Air Products provides precision gas mixers to safely and reliably provide precise mixes of two or more industrial gases. These can range from standard, stand-alone mixers to custom-engineered, dynamic control welding and laser cutting mixers. Air Products sells or leases this equipment and provides after-market support.

Precision Gas Blending Systems Expertise

Precision Gas Mixer Expertise

Gas mixers range from standard to custom-engineered offerings, providing precise blends of 2 or more gases

Available for all major industrial gases

Systems available for mixtures of nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and helium

Experienced applications engineering team

With experience in all metals fabrication applications, our engineers can help specify the right system for your needs

Accurate, consistent gas mixtures

Enables consistent welding and cutting operations and high quality parts production

Ask the Expert

Don Bowe

Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

“My nitrogen-hydrogen flow control panel seems to be working properly, but is there anything I should be checking?”

There are many aspects of a flow control or blending panel that require periodic maintenance for proper functionality—especially those related to its safe operation.

You should check the operation of the solenoids to help verify that the combustible gas flow is automatically turning off and the inert gas purge is automatically turning on as intended. They should be tested in accordance with recommended maintenance frequency—typically every six months. Plus, you should rebuild the solenoids as needed. It’s also important to check the purge timer setpoint to help confirm that it can adequately purge the furnace. And you should verify and document the low-flow alarm setpoints on the inert gas purge and process flows.

These are just some of the items that should be reviewed on a regular basis. For more information, please give us a call at 800-654-4567.

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