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Metal working
Welding and Cutting


Lasers, oxy-fuel and plasma applications

When cutting materials, whether it be ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals - such as aluminium - or even cutting wood, the choice of cutting process is determined by many factors. These include the need for portability, repeatability and the available space. Therefore, users typically opt for either a laser, plasma cutting process or an oxy-fuel set-up. Each application has its own benefits.


Complete range of assist gases in a variety of supply modes

Oxy-fuel Cutting

High purity oxygen means a higher cutting speed

Plasma Cutting

​Complete range of gases for plasma cutting machines


Ask the Expert

Don Bowe
Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

How does gas purity affect the quality of laser cut parts?

A relatively small amount of impurities can make a big difference. Gas purity is often referred to in grades 3, 4, and 5. Grade 3 is 99.9% pure, 4 is 99.99 %, and 5 is 99.999%. Many OEM’s typically require grade 5, or five 9’s, purity. It is often more meaningful to talk about the impurity levels rather than overall purity. The main impurities of concern are oxygen and moisture, which can oxidize the material being cut. Most industrial liquid nitrogen grades meet the five 9’s purity level, meaning they contain less than .001%, or 10 PPM, of oxygen. Also, the dew point (moisture level) of gaseous nitrogen from a liquid nitrogen supply is typically less than –90°F, or less than 3 PPMV. Lower impurity levels result in less oxidization, yielding cleaner cut metals.

The impact of N₂ purity on the cleanliness of the laser cut is illustrated in the photos below. In this example, a bright, clean surface is achieved only with a nitrogen purity of at least 99.995%.

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