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Accounts Payable Inquiries

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In order to better serve your needs, Air Products has several ways for suppliers to interact with the payables organization. 


This easy-to-use, self-service tool gives suppliers real-time access to payment information. This secure web site will only allow you to access information related to your supplier site. 

Register My Account

Please refer to the Supplier Training documents to help you register and navigate in the tool.

You can view:
  • Invoices received
  • Payments sent 
  • Overdue invoices 
  • Payment history

Payment Inquiry

In case of overdue invoice questions or issues which are not answered by MyAccount, you may contact our Accounts Payable organization. 

For questions about whether an order is legitimate, please visit our order verification page.

You can contact us through the forms below or through e-mail in each country where we do business.

Americas Region
Air Products Americas Region suppliers with overdue invoice/payment questions or issues that are not answered by MyAccount or the FAQs can submit inquiries to America’s Account Payable Department through one of the following:
North America
Payment inquiries
Invoice inquiries
Other issues
Tax questions
South America
Colombia, Perú, Argentina, Ecuador (TESORSSC@airproducts.com)
Brazil (PAGOSBR@airproducts.com)
Chile (PROVEECL@airproducts.com)

Asia Pacific Region
Air Products Asia Pacific Region suppliers with overdue invoice questions or issues which are not answered by MyAccount or the FAQ's may contact the Accounts Payable desk at accpayas@airproducts.com.

Europe/Middle East/Africa Region
Air Products EMEA Region suppliers with overdue invoice questions or issues which are not answered by the Invoice Inquiry Portal may contact the Accounts Payable help desk via email based on the region you are in.

Air Products Entities you are Invoicing
Located in Below Countries 

Mailboxes to Contact 
Belgium and Luxembourg ACCPAYBE@airproducts.com
Czech RepublicACCPAYCS@airproducts.com
Great BritainACCPAYUK@airproducts.com
Middle EastAPUAE@airproducts.com
Saudi ArabiaAPKSA@airproducts.com

Access our Supplier FAQs page here.

Invoice Submission Instructions

Air Products is committed to paying your invoices consistent with terms and conditions, but we need your help to do so. If you would like to be paid on-time, here are things you can do that will help us make that happen:

1. Send Your Invoices to the Remit To Address as referenced on Purchase Order
  • Sending invoices to any other Air Products address will delay payment and may require you to re-submit your invoices correctly. 
2. Ensure your Invoice is in accordance to the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 
  • The correct Air Products Entity is referenced on the Invoice; this is found on the Purchase Order.
  • Air Products’ Purchase Order number (always begins with the number '45' or '49' and will be 10 digits long) must be referenced on your invoice and must be released within Air Products’ SAP system.
  • Only one Air Products Purchase Order may be referenced per invoice.
  • Invoice Date and Invoice Number must appear on your invoice.
  • Invoice Line Item Numbers must match those on the Air Products Purchase Order.
  • Invoice quantities should not exceed those on our order. Invoice prices should not exceed those on our order 
  • Invoice “Remit To” name must match the supplier name as referenced on the Air Products Purchase Order. 

If there are any corrections needed on the Purchase Order, please contact the Buyer/Sourcing Specialist prior to submitting your Invoice. 

Supplier invoices that do not comply with the above requirements will be rejected and returned to Supplier for correction, inevitably delaying payments.