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Hydrogen Fueling

When used in the heavy-duty transportation and heavy industrial sectors of our economy, hydrogen energy can help reduce global emissions by 20%.*

As the world's leading hydrogen supplier, Air Products has the experience and technical expertise to apply hydrogen energy solutions to a variety of industries and applications. We offer safe, commercial-scale, clean hydrogen supply to meet your needs—so you can meet your sustainability goals.

How does hydrogen fueling work and is it safe?

Fueling a hydrogen vehicle is similar to fueling a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle and takes about the same time.

Why do we need hydrogen vehicles?

Hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles are both helping to reduce emissions in the transportation sector. Hydrogen vehicles, however, are better suited for heavy-duty applications that require quick refueling, longer range capabilities, and operations year-round. 

Reasons to convert to hydrogen fueling with Air Products

Air Products is the world's leading supplier of hydrogen with over 65 years of experience in hydrogen production, storage, distribution and dispensing. We've implemented over 250 fueling stations in 20 countries, and our technology and hydrogen is responsible for over 1.5 million hydrogen fuelings annually.

Improved Air Quality

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles emit only water and no harmful greenhouse gases or particulate matter.

Faster Refueling

Compared to electric vehicles, which can take hours to recharge, hydrogen vehicles can be refueled about as quickly as diesel vehicles. 

Turnkey Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Air Products develops and delivers everything you need to get started. 

Unrivaled Hydrogen Experience

Air Products has >65 years of experience safely producing and handling hydrogen.

Decarbonize with hydrogen fuel.

Talk to one of our hydrogen fueling experts today.

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