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Decarbonizing Power Production

Replacing or blending natural gas with low-carbon-intensity hydrogen, like green and blue hydrogen, can help the power production industry significantly lower their carbon emissions and meet sustainability goals. Some applications reliant on fossil fuels—peaking, backup power, or geographically distributed power—will require hydrogen to eliminate emissions while matching electricity supply with demand.

As the leading supplier of hydrogen globally, Air Products is here to support your decarbonization needs.

How can clean hydrogen help decarbonize power production?

Power generation is a broad industry ranging from large-scale utility generation to small-scale on-site primary or back-up power generation. Hydrogen can be used in place of fossil fuels to reduce combustion-based power generation emissions, or it can be used in fuel cell applications to stabilize grids during peak times or power microgrids.
Air Products technician inspecting pipeline at Edmonton hydrogen plant in Alberta, Canada

Grid Stabilization + Energy Storage

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), “Hydrogen can also support the integration of variable renewables in the electricity system, being one of the few options for storing energy over days, weeks or months.”* To that end, hydrogen-powered electricity generation can effectively support load balancing in a heavily electrified system, helping to smooth out supply-demand imbalances between electricity generation and use.
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Low-Carbon-Intensity Hydrogen for Power Generation Applications

Introducing hydrogen can provide incremental benefits in carbon emissions reduction on the way to full conversion and decarbonization.
Gas Turbines
Gas turbines are a staple of the power generation industry, and the ability to convert natural gas to a low-carbon-intensity feed will be crucial to decarbonizing the grid.
Steam Boilers
Commercial and industrial–scale boilers can be served on a consistent basis with high-density liquid hydrogen supply without having to add supplemental capital to achieve high pressures.
Combustion Engines
Most power generation combustion engines are fueled by diesel or natural gas today, but introducing hydrogen or hydrogen blends can help decarbonize these back-up power solutions.
Fuel Cells
Fuel cells are often thought of first as a mobility application; however, they are useful in decarbonizing stationary power generation microgrids.
Hydrogen Energy Station

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Power Generation

A variety of fuel cell technologies are being used today for distributed power generation. These fuel cells use natural gas, biogas or hydrogen as the primary feedstock into the generator. Applications that are amenable for fuel cell-based power production are:

  • Primary power
  • Back-up power
  • Peak-shaving
  • Grid stabilization
  • Tri-generation (power, heat and hydrogen)

Why Convert to Hydrogen Power Generation with Air Products?

Air Products is the world’s leading supplier of hydrogen with over 60 years of experience in hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and dispensing. 

Hydrogen's Unique Flexibility

Hydrogen can be used to decarbonize back-up power generation and control peaking to primary, large-scale generation through combustion-based or fuel cell power generation. 

Safe, Reliable Hydrogen Supply

Air Products operates 110+ hydrogen production facilities plus extensive hydrogen pipeline networks and provide supply on a scale that fits your needs.

Advanced Clean Energy Combustion Lab

We have the unique
capability—and expertise—to comprehensively test the technology that you hope to employ in your operation.

Low-Carbon-Intensity Hydrogen First Mover 

As the industry leader in building out low-carbon-intensity hydrogen infrastructure, the transition from grey to green hydrogen will happen faster and more reliably with Air Products than the rest of the industry.

Decarbonize with confidence.

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