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hydrogen fueled bus

Hydrogen Fueling for Buses

Road transportation accounts for nearly 12% of global emissions.* Converting diesel buses to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell buses can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. 

Air Products is the leading supplier of hydrogen globally with decades of experience designing and implementing hydrogen fueling systems. We’re here to support your decarbonization needs.

Why do we need hydrogen-powered buses?

In applications requiring heavy vehicle weight, long range and quick refueling times, hydrogen becomes a more efficient option than battery electric power for vehicles like buses.

How can hydrogen power a bus?

Hydrogen can power a bus using a fuel cell. In a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen atoms are separated into two primary components: one proton and one electron. The positively charged hydrogen protons pass through the fuel cell where they meet oxygen from the air on the other side. The electrons, however, head a different direction, creating an electric current which can power a fuel cell electric motor. The electrons then meet back up with the hydrogen ions and oxygen molecules from the air at the end of the process, creating water as the only emission. 

How does fueling a hydrogen bus work and is it safe?

Fueling a hydrogen bus is similar to fueling a gasoline- or diesel-powered bus and takes about the same time.

Reasons to Convert to Hydrogen Bus Fueling with Air Products

Air Products is the world’s leading supplier of hydrogen with over 65 years of experience in hydrogen production, storage, distribution and dispensing. We’ve implemented over 250 hydrogen fueling stations in 20 countries, and our technology and hydrogen is responsible for over 1.5 million hydrogen fuelings annually. We provide turnkey hydrogen bus fueling solutions to help you decarbonize your bus fleet.

Improved Air Quality

Hydrogen fuel cell buses emit only water and no harmful greenhouse gases or particulate matter.

Faster Refueling

Compared to electric buses which can take hours to recharge, hydrogen buses can be refueled about as quickly as a diesel bus.

Longer Range

Range of up to 250 miles means less bus refueling or recharging is required, giving greater route flexibility.

Operate Year Round

Storage and start-up is achievable at very low temperatures, giving you flexibility to operate zero-emission buses year round.

Learn how you can decarbonize your bus fleet.

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