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hydrogen fueled forklifts

Hydrogen Fueling for Forklifts

Every hour spent changing, recharging and maintaining lead-acid forklift batteries eats into productivity. Now, there’s an alternative. Hydrogen fuel cells can help enhance material handling operations through superior performance that helps to increase productivity. Air Products provides the hydrogen supply and fueling infrastructure for fuel cell power packs, which are direct replacements for the industrial batteries used in forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other material handling vehicles.

How does fueling a hydrogen forklift work and is it safe?

Fueling a hydrogen forklift is similar to fueling a gasoline- or diesel-powered automobile and takes about the same time.

How can hydrogen power material handling equipment?

Hydrogen can power a forklift using a fuel cell. In a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen atoms are separated into two primary components: one proton and one electron. The positively charged hydrogen protons pass through the fuel cell where they meet oxygen from the air on the other side. The electrons, however, head a different direction, creating an electric current which can power a fuel cell electric motor. The electrons then meet back up with the hydrogen ions and oxygen molecules from the air at the end of the process, creating water as the only emission. 

Reasons to Convert to Hydrogen Forklift Fueling with Air Products

Air Products is the world’s leading supplier of hydrogen with over 65 years of experience in hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and dispensing. We’ve implemented over 250 fueling stations in 20 countries, and our technology and hydrogen is responsible for over 1.5 million hydrogen fuelings annually.


Eliminates time-consuming recharging and swap-outs associated with batteries; vehicles are refueled once or twice per day and can be refueled in one to three minutes.

Consistent Power

Produces constant voltage so industrial vehicles maintain constant speed throughout the workday.

Zero Emissions

The only emission from hydrogen fuel cells is water.


Designed for simple, cost-effective installation and automatic operation for high reliability.

Interested in hydrogen fueling for material handling?

Talk to our experts about how hydrogen can decarbonize your material handling operations.

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