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Inerting, Stirring and Refining for Iron and Steel

Industrial gases and cost-effective technologies for all of your inerting, stirring and refining operations.

Air Products understands the critical nature of industrial gas supply in iron and steelmaking plants, especially in the wide range of inerting, stirring and refining operations that can be employed in these processes. We offer state-of-the-art modes of supply for industrial gases used in these applications, including oxygen, nitrogen and argon. However, what sets us apart is our technical knowledge and experience. Our researchers and applications engineers focus on efficient and economical use of our gases in current inerting, stirring and refining applications and are working to develop new technologies to help you achieve your energy, quality, environmental, and operating cost goals.
Diagram of argon and/or nitrogen bottom stirring in a BOF

Meeting Today’s Needs and Working Toward Future Solutions

Our team of industry and technology specialists can provide a wide range of engineering services and consultation to assist with all of your inerting, stirring, and refining processes, including:

  • Technical and design expertise
  • Data acquisition and process monitoring
  • Process commissioning and optimization
  • Flow control and process equipment
  • Safety training

Benefits you can realize from our offerings and expertise:

  • Reliable, economic gas supply
  • Lower gas consumption and cost through optimization
  • Improved safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Better yield and product quality
Our experience benefits application of gas technologies from the hot end to the rolling mill

Cost-effective Gas Technologies to Improve Performance while Lowering Overall Costs

Download our Iron & Steel Gas Applications Overview

Argon/Oxygen Decarburization (AOD)

Argon/oxygen decarburization
Air Products offers a full line of industrial gases, including argon, nitrogen and oxygen to assist with stirring, shrouding and decarburization within your AOD operations. Our applications engineers can help you determine the proper flow and pressure control needed for each gas to help you achieve consistent refining and alloy recovery as well as optimal tuyere life.

Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF)

Basic oxygen furnace
In addition to oxygen, Air Products offers a variety of gas-based technologies and equipment plus argon and nitrogen to help your BOF operation increase yield, reduce refining times, or extend refractory campaigns. Our high pressure nitrogen slag splashing system is designed to quickly and effectively provide the desired refractory coating safely and consistently. And by injecting gases through the bottom of the BOF vessel, mixing is greatly enhanced, enabling a number of benefits, including reduced heat times and increased metal yields. Our industry specialists can help you evaluate the best options for your operation.

Caster and Mold Lines

Continuous caster
Inert gas blanketing help minimize melt oxidation, improving yield and casting quality. Our applications engineers can help you determine which gas and technique can be the most effective and efficient for your caster or mold line.

Coke Oven

Coke battery
Nitrogen is used in many applications for cooling or inerting when air is not acceptable due to its oxygen content. We have experience in supplying nitrogen to effectively and safely inert coke batteries.

Alternative Iron Production and Transportation

Alternative ironmaking
Nitrogen is used for both pressurization and blanketing during production and transport of alternative iron and fines. Our industry experts can help determine the proper techniques and most appropriate supply mode to introduce nitrogen for the production and use of various forms of alternative iron.

Ladle Metallurgy

Ladle metallurgy
Air Products offers a full line of industrial gases, including argon and nitrogen to assist with the stirring and refining of molten steel. Each of these gases offers unique benefits to your ladle metallurgy application. Our applications engineers can help you determine the proper flow and pressure control needed for each gas to help you achieve consistent results.

Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser
Air Products can provide technical support and argon supply to assist with your vacuum degassing operation. The proper control of argon flow and pressure is critical to degassing effectiveness and snorkel life.

Induction Furnace

Induction Furnace
Air Products’ gas blanketing systems can help prevent metal oxidation during induction melting. Our patented vortex sprayer or swirl cone technologies can help you blanket your melt and prevent metal oxidation and gas pick-up by displacing the atmospheric oxygen and water vapor with a dry and inert argon or nitrogen atmosphere, which can help you reduce alloy costs and improve melt cleanliness and quality.

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