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Rotary kiln in cement factory

Kiln and Precalciner Enrichment

Improve combustion with oxygen enrichment

Oxygen enrichment is a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective technology that can improve combustion in all types of kilns and precalciners. Oxygen is required for any combustion process and enhances the combustion of all fuels. By increasing the oxygen concentration of combustion air through the addition of relatively pure oxygen, flame temperatures rise, heat transfer rates improve, and overall combustion efficiency increases. Even a small increase in oxygen concentration can have a dramatic impact on kiln and precalciner operations. Whether you are trying to increase production or lower your fuel costs, by burning alternative fuels more efficiently, oxygen injection can help.
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Benefits of oxygen enrichment in kilns, especially when substituting difficult-to-burn fuels for coal, include:
  • improved burning zone control
  • greater kiln stability
  • lower emissions
  • ability to overcome ID fan limitations

Benefits of oxygen enrichment in the precalciner include:

  • minimized impact on pressure drop and residence time
  • increased alternative fuel utilization
  • ability to overcome ID fan limitations
  • maintained or improved calcination rates


In-depth analysis and financial impact projection of oxygen-enhanced combustion for several cement plant operating scenarios that are routinely encountered.


The Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory is our newest demonstration facility, capable of facilitating development and full-scale testing of combustion systems using actual customer fuels. Plus a remote video imaging system enables real-time participation in testing via the Internet.

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