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Low-Temperature Reactions molecular structure

Low-Temperature Reactions

A fast, precise, flexible and cost-effective way of achieving your desired temperatures

Some low-temperature and exothermic chemical reactions, such as chiral synthesis, require low or very low temperatures to be controlled safely and efficiently.

Liquid nitrogen can be used to cool the reaction medium directly or indirectly and to maintain a low temperature so that the right chemical reactions can happen.

Liquid nitrogen offers a highly efficient and reliable cooling solution compared to mechanical cooling units. It is an eco-friendly and particularly well-suited cooling source when very low temperatures are required. Its highly available cooling power allows for the safe control of exothermic reactions.

Air Products’ PolarFit® reaction cooling systems provide a fast, precise, flexible and cost-effective way of achieving the necessary temperatures. Depending on the temperature requirements we offer three main reaction cooling systems: indirect, semi-indirect and direct.

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What Benefits Can Air Products Offer for Low-Temperature Reactions

Fast Cooling, Reliable and Accurate Control of Temperature

Yield Increase and Improved Product Selectivity

Energy Efficiency

The Re-Use of the Nitrogen Gas as a Plant Utility

Lower Capital Expenditure Compared to Mechanical Cooling

Flexible Refrigeration Systems

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Do your reactions need low temperatures?

We offer a wide range of technical service and equipment designed for absolute temperature control

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