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Decaffeinated coffee

Supercritical CO₂ Extraction

Supercritical CO₂ (sCO₂) natural and non-toxic yet one of the most powerful solvents in nature

Are you a coffee/tea producer looking for a less toxic solvent to effectively decaffeinate your product? Or a functional foods ingredient producer looking for a natural way to extract active ingredients? Or are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to extract certain pesticides or metals from your crops, safely replacing harsher solvents?

By increasing the temperature and pressure of your CO₂, you can reach a supercritical phase where CO₂ has a gas like diffusion (fills up the space like a gas) and a liquid like density. In this state, the CO₂ becomes one of the best solvents in nature. With our CO₂ experience, we can help you determine the ideal settings for your specific extraction needs.

​​Why Choose sCO₂?

There are numerous benefits to choosing sCO₂ to extract desired active substances or undesired elements:


Mature technology with a growing number of applications

Cost Effectiveness

Economical compared to other alternatives


CO₂ is non-flammable and non-toxic

Precision and Tunability

Compounds extracted are soluble in CO₂ under varying pressures, allowing you to perform selective extractions

Quality Preservation

Low process temperatures ensure an optimal product quality preservation


Same yields as with organic solvents


Low environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint than harsher solvents


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