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Welcome to the Air Products gas supply website for METALTECH. We are pleased to be your gas supplier to help make your live demonstrations successful.

As a world-leading industrial gas company, Air Products offers a wide range of shielding gases and gas applications technologies to help you improve product quality and productivity at a lower total cost.

We have been the official gas supplier for Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Fair, the largest welding exhibition in China, for 10 consecutive years. Our proven track record demonstrates our excellent product quality and reliable supply.

Air Products' offerings:

  • Shielding gases of one or two components
  • Linx® shielding gases
  • IntegraTM cylinders
  • CryoEase® Service
  • Laser cutting gases

Linx shielding gases

Specially formulated for superior performance, Linx shielding gases can help achieve:

  • Faster welding by 20-30%
  • Better weld quality
  • Less spatter and fume
  • Reduced post-weld cleaning
  • Lower cost
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Welding Materials Process Gases
Thick carbon steel MIG/MAG Ferrolinx® U
Thin carbon steel MIG/MAG Ferrolinx® F
3 series stainless steel MAG Inolinx® MAG
3 series stainless steel TIG Inolinx® TIG 
AL, CU or TI MIG/TIG Alulinx®  

Integra quick connect

Integra cylinders

Compared with traditional cylinders, Integra is designed for safer, easier and more economical welding applications:

  • Built-in regulator eliminates maintenance or calibration
  • Reduces unnecessary gas consumption to avoid wastage
  • Snap-on connection to cylinders (no need for spanners)
  • Hand-operated on/off valve (no need for bottle keys)
  • Integra flow optimizer for quick connection to gas outlet with optimum gas flow rate required
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CryoEase Service

Compared with traditional cylinders, Integra is designed for safer, easier and more economical welding applications:

  • Guaranteed gas purity
  • Improved productivity and workplace safety
  • Easier to use
  • Ideal for limited space
  • Available in various tank sizes from 230L to 4990L
Download Cryoease Service Data Sheet
laser plasma cutter

Laser cutting gases

Reliable gas supply is critical to any laser cutting and welding machine in order to have the most optimal performance. Air Products understands the importance of continuous operation for you to achieve return on investment as quickly as possible. This is why we offer a full range of pure assist gases for laser cutting and welding of different types of materials, backed by our innovative technologies and various supply modes.
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Gas Cylinder volume Purity
N₂ 50L (200kg pressure) 99.992%
N₂ Cylinder pack (50L*16) 99.9992%

Linx shielding gases

For superior welding performance

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