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2022 Celebrating the International Year of Glass

Glass is worth celebrating. In its many forms and applications, glass is an essential part of scientific advancement, evolutions in technology, artistic expression, and everyday human life.

Air Products is proud to be part of the glass industry’s rich history and integral to its bright future.

Sustainable Glass Melting Technologies

Guided by society’s challenges and fueled by innovation, Air Products provides industry-leading solutions and creates long-term value through sustainable glass melting technologies. We offer a wide range of oxygen-enhanced glass melting options, with a variety of oxygen enrichment and oxy-fuel combustion methods that can be used to enhance the melting process. 

Oxygen-enhanced combustion technologies help improve glass melting furnace performance by displacing combustion air with oxygen. Even a small increase in oxygen concentration can have a dramatic impact on furnace operations. 

By reducing or eliminating the introduction of inert nitrogen into the furnace, Air Products' oxygen-enhanced combustion technologies are proven to increase production, decrease fuel consumption, and reduce emissions while maintaining or increasing product quality. With a range of proprietary burners, melting technologies, and modeling services, Air Products uses our skill and experience to help you with design, start-up, and ongoing operation of the optimal system for your furnace.

State-of-the-Art Glass Melting Solutions

Three decades of leadership in combustion technology

Full conversion
Emergency services

Integrated systems for high-efficiency sustainable glass melting

Low emissions
High efficiency
High quality
Integrated O2 production

Transformative technologies under development for a reduced carbon footprint

Energy recovery
CO2 capture
Power generation
Hydrogen combustion


First Smart Burner for the Glass Industry

Air Products developed the glass industry’s first smart burner that uses on-board sensors for real-time monitoring and reporting of key burner conditions to allow rapid operator intervention when needed.

Our Cleanfire® smart burner platform utilizes Air Products Process Intelligence, which is built upon Industry 4.0 methodology and can help uncover and improve combustion inefficiencies and avoid potential damage before it occurs. Automated burner controls are also available on some models.

The Cleanfire platform is an essential tool as the industry continues to move toward smart, fully automated glass melting furnaces.

Industry Leaders

As industry leaders in glass melting technology and cost-effective on-site gas supply, glass producers rely on Air Products for efficient and consistent glass melting with a marked improvement in glass quality.

Whether you are producing container, flat, fiber or specialty glass, frit, or mineral wool, Air Products has industrial gases, technologies, and expertise to help enhance your operations. We are the leader in proprietary oxygen enrichment and oxy-fuel technologies that, with minimal capital investment, can help you increase production, lower fuel costs, enhance quality, and reduce emissions.

Glass solutions model (Klunk and Millan)

Reliable gas supply keeps you up and running.

In addition to oxygen, we also supply nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, and rare gases for applications ranging from atmosphere control and inerting to particle size reduction.

Powered by reliability, technology, and safety, our industrial gases are backed by a 99.99% delivery record to keep you up and running.

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