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We appreciate our Veterans . . . and are hiring them too!

Air Products is a military friendly company who not only provides great opportunities to veterans but has provided a career to many veterans in the past. You will find veterans in all roles within Air Products, including drivers, mechanics, operations techs, instrument techs, management, sales, and human resources, to name a few. The culture of Air Products makes it very easy to make the transition from military to civilian life. We focus on team work and safety and adhere to policies and procedures to guide our work. Leadership in all roles is an expectation and yields great reward and opportunities for growth and advancement.  

The experience we look for includes a wide range of positions including:

  • Instrument and Electrical
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Mechanics
  • Plant Operations
  • Technicians
  • Welding

Hiring veterans continues to be a part of Air Products' commitment to equal employment and becoming the most diverse and inclusive industrial gases company in the world. Today's military personnel are exceptionally well trained, highly disciplined, accustomed to working in teams, and goal-oriented. They have the potential to promote and become the backbone of any organization. Veterans also have strong leadership skills, the ability to foster cultural inclusion, promote teamwork, and motivate a diverse workforce while attaining goals.

U.S. veteran hires during calendar year 2016 represented 19 percent of total hires; calendar year 2017 hiring is trending at 18 percent of total hires.

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Hiring veterans continues to be a part of Air Products' commitment to equal employment and becoming the most diverse and inclusive industrial gases company in the world.

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Match Your Military Classifications with Air Products Job Titles

Air Products supports veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce and can assist you in finding job opportunities within our facilities. We offer an internal network of military veterans to provide mentoring and support for veterans joining our team.

Air Products – Job Titles

Maintenance Technician / Plant Superintendent / Field Service Technician
Improve Plant Mechanical integrity, reliability, cost and on-stream factor. They also investigate equipment failures, determine root cause of failure, and participate in the planning and execution of minor and major shutdowns.

Military MOS / Experience
   • Welding / Metal Work
   • Machinist Mate
   • Nuclear Machinist Mate
   • Cryogenic Technician
   • Electronic Mate

Electrical Technician
Provide necessary technical and hands on support for plant electrical systems including: Induction and synchronous motors, breakers, switchgear, and high voltage substation distribution equipment ranging from 480v to 13.8v.

Military MOS / Experience
   • Electricians Mate
   • Electronic Technicians
   • Gas Turbine Technician
   • Electric Troubleshooting
   • Instrument / Telemetry Systems

Fleet Maintenance Mechanic
Our mechanics perform preventative maintenance, inspections, and repairs on over the road Class 8 tractors and trailers.

Military MOS / Experience
   • Aviation Maintenance Helicopter Crew Chief
   • Meter Transport Maintenance
   • Vehicle / Aircraft Maintenance
   • Heavy Equipment

Operations Technician
Operators are responsible for operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting processes and equipment at our production facilities.

Military MOS / Experience
   • Machinist Mate
   • Nuclear Machinist Mate
   • Cryogenic Technician
   • Electronic Technician
   • Electrician Mate

Instrument and Electrical Technician
I&E Techs are responsible for preventative / corrective maintenance and troubleshooting for plant equipment and the facility

Military MOS / Experience
   • Electricians Mate
   • Electronic Technician
   • Gas Turbine Technician
   • Electric Troubleshooting
   • Instrument / Telemetry Systems

This list is intended to serve as a guide to find positions that could be a good fit based on your military experience. Veterans with several years in the civilian workforce may have the skills necessary for other opportunities.

Air Products hires people who drive for results and act with accountability to make appropriate and timely decisions. You should demonstrate a positive attitude and be willing to take on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of ownership, energy and urgency with the ability to approach work individually and in teams.

Our employees consistently prioritize safety in words and actions to protect self, others, and the environment. Through a high level of integrity, it is expected that everyone upholds the highest ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest.

Developing Your Career

We believe learning is a life-long process. So, we provide an environment for continuing professional and personal growth. We help our people develop the talents and skills they bring to Air Products by offering resources and tools to realize their full potential.

Supervisor Fundamental Program — Year long program focusing on in-classroom training and hands-on learning for high potential skilled labor candidates who demonstrate the leadership and desire to advance into a management role.

Tuition Reimbursement — We support continuing education to encourage our employees' professional development to better prepare them to meet current and future business needs. 

Other Career Path Choices

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