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Andrew Connolly
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Andrew Connolly

Vice President and General Manager, Low-Carbon Hydrogen Large Projects

Andrew Connolly is vice president and general manager, Low-Carbon Hydrogen Large Projects, at Air Products. He is responsible for leading all aspects of commercialization for Air Products’ mutli-billion-dollar portfolio of large-scale low-carbon hydrogen projects being developed in the Americas. 

Mr. Connolly joined Air Products in 1991 as a participant in the company’s Graduate Development Program, based in the U.K. and Europe. His earliest assignments were in Operations and Engineering in Holland, where he provided technical and operational support and commissioning for a series of new facility start-ups. Mr. Connolly subsequently moved to California where he served as the western America’s maintenance manager responsible for managing the maintenance and ongoing engineering support for Air Products’ regional operations. He then relocated to Houston, Texas, where he had responsibility for the company’s Houston area plant operations, distribution, and Gulf Coast pipeline operations. Prior to his current position, Mr. Connolly was the operations and technical lead for the acquisition of a $12 billion gasification complex in the Middle East. 

Mr. Connolly holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Southampton University. He serves on the board of directors of Jazan Integrated Gas Production Company, a $12 billion joint venture in the Middle East.