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Nitrogen-Methanol System

Air Products can provide comprehensive methanol systems to create reliable nitrogen-methanol atmospheres for your heat treating application. Nitrogen, methanol and a small amount of a hydrocarbon gas are mixed in the furnace to a reaction atmosphere which corresponds essentially to that of an endogas during carburizing, carbonitriding and hardening. Offerings include precision flow control systems to provide the optimum mixture and methanol lances with superior atomization performance to improve efficiency. In some geographies, we also provide tanks and pumps to supply methanol to your facility. Air Products’ Process Intelligence can connect all the components of your system for optimization through monitoring and control.
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Numerous Advantages over Endogas

  • Better control and flexible regulation of the atmosphere for a consistent quality of the treated parts
  • Flexible adaptation of the furnace atmosphere to the specific surface requirements of the material to be treated
  • Direct switching atmosphere on or off - no start-up of generators necessary
  • No standby endothermic generator required
  • More safety – flushing with inert nitrogen during charging, when idling the furnace and in case of malfunctions of the furnace
  • Remote data monitoring to help furnace performance
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Industrial Gas Audits and Leak Detection Services

Audits and leak detection services can be comprehensive assessments of the entire gas supply system, or specific to gas or process equipment that use the gas.
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