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PolarFit® Reaction Cooling System

System designed to meet your reaction requirements

Air Products’ PolarFit® reaction cooling system provides a fast, precise, flexible, and low-cost way to achieve the advanced synthesis reactions in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and specialty chemical companies at the temperatures required.

The system enables the very latest science by creating the low-temperature conditions necessary for fine chemical synthesis, using liquid nitrogen at -196ºC, to develop new and complex molecules. Cooling as low as -100ºC can improve reaction selectivity, enable safe processing of highly reactive compounds, and increase yields.
Polarfit cooling systems

Air Products offers three PolarFit® reaction cooling systems

  • Indirect cooling where a heat transfer fluid is cooled externally by liquid nitrogen
  • Semi-direct cooling where liquid nitrogen evaporates in a coil inside the reactor vessel
  • Direct cooling where liquid nitrogen is injected directly into a reactor vessel

PolarFit® reaction cooling system offers a number of benefits over mechanical refrigeration systems:

Flexible Refrigeration Capacities

The reaction temperature can be precisely controlled by the flow of liquid nitrogen independent of the chemical reaction

Low Operating Costs

Liquid nitrogen usage can automatically adjust to meet refrigeration requirements

Exceptional Reliability

The system is reliable, easy to maintain, and can achieve precise temperature control without the risk of freezing

Do you have low-temperature challenging reactions?

Our technical specialists can assist in determining the best system to meet your needs.

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