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neon laser


Laser Vision 

The noble gas neon is synonymous with neon signs that light up the world's largest cities. This gas gives out a bright orange light when lit, and is especially visible from a distance.

Air Products supplies neon gas and neon-fluorine excimer laser mixtures for lithography, etching, LASIK, micro-machining organic materials, micro-drilling and dicing.


Semiconductor and Memory Chips Manufacturing

Air Products' high purity neon is ideal for excimer lasers and other laser applications for semiconductor manufacturing.


High-purity neon is important to ensure superior brightness and long lifespan of the filaments.

Medical and LASIK Lasers

Air Products' high purity neon is ideal as gases for excimer lasers for LASIK.

Cutting and Manufacturing

Air Products' high-purity neon is ideal as gases for excimer lasers for manufacturing.

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