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Icon Pipe Pigoutto calculate nitrogen volume, flow rate, pressure and time to purge a pipeline.


You can use the Air Products Pipe Pigout app to calculate the nitrogen volume, flow rate and pressure suitable to push your pig and complete the purge or displacement. It can quickly calculate this information based on the information you enter—such as your pipeline’s fluid type and distance, basic elevations, desired pig speed and the back pressure.

The easy-to-read output provides useful information as you plan your project. You can name the calculation and save the information on your mobile device. You can also instantly e-mail this information to our Air Products Express Services (APEX) team to initiate a discussion about your project with our experienced professionals, enabling you to efficiently order services that can meet your needs.

We believe this free app will become one of your most trusted tools in the field. Make your next pipeline project simpler. Download the app today!

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