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Parfait and thinly sliced meat

Hardening or ​Crust Freezing

Harden your product's outer surface for optimized further processing

Five Reasons to Crust Freeze Your Products

Yield Optimization and Waste Reduction

If you plan to slice or cut your product, the protection from damage ensures minimal losses and a higher quality product

Increased Processing Speed

You can now withstand higher cutting speeds, hot or melt able toppings, or boost your mechanical freezer capacity

Bottleneck Alleviation

For those of you handling warm product, no need to wait until your product has cooled down in a cold storage

Thin Slices

The hardened product surface enables you to produce thinner slices

Food Safety and Quality

This process preserves the product's quality. When directly thawed after hardening, the product is classified as fresh


Ask the Expert

Food Industry Manager, Americas
Scott Robertson

Food Industry Manager, Americas

Do I need to say that my fresh crust frozen/hardened product was previously frozen?

No, because cryogenically crust freezing happens very fast, is limited in time and only concerns the outer layer of your product.

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