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Water oxygenation in a fish farm


Pure oxygen injection to hatcheries and fish farms

Air Products supplies high-purity oxygen and Halia® aeration systems to hatcheries and fish farms where oxygen is used in place of, or in addition to, air to maintain adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. Studies have shown that injecting high-purity oxygen into raceways, tanks and ponds leads to higher levels of productivity and reduced risk of product loss.

How Can Air Products Help Fish Farms and Hatcheries?

Productivity Increase and Quality Improvement

Allows increase in fish density while reducing stress and maintaining high final product quality

Optimized Fish Growth

Oxygen dosage enables fish growth by providing an appropriate amount of oxygen per pound of fish

Water Consumption Reduction

Increasing the oxygen level allows water flow to be decreased while maintaining microbiologic quality

Lower Energy Costs

Less energy required vs. pumping air into the basins

Less Environmental Impact

By controlling the oxygen and water flow, environmental impact is minimized

Are you looking to reduce fish stress and mortality?

Look at what pure oxygen injection to your fish farms can do!

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Ask the Expert

Tim Lebrecht

Tim Lebrecht

Commercial Technology-Water Systems

“Is pure oxygen expensive compared to air to produce ozone?”
Air-based ozone generators are huge consumers of energy. It is also necessary to treat the air flow before it enters the ozone generator to avoid humidity and organic pollutants entering the system. This pre-treatment requirement allied to the high energy needs make an air-based system expensive to operate and maintain. By using pure oxygen, the energy costs can be reduced threefold while also eliminating the need for the expensive pre-treatments required with air. This makes the pure oxygen solution in cost to the air system while offering numerous technical advantages during operation.