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Standing Committees

Committees of the Board of Directors

Audit and Finance Committee Charter
Effective 28 January 2016

Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Charter
Effective 16 July 2015

Management Development and Compensation Committee Charter
Effective 16 July 2015

Standing Committee Composition

= Chairperson; M = Member

Directors Audit and
Finance Comm.
Corp. Govern.
and Nominating
Mgmt. Dev. and
Comp. Comm.
 T. M. Calaway
M    M 
 C. Cogut  M M  
 L. A. Davis    M  M M (C)
 S. Ghasemi     M (C)  
 J. T. Graziano
 D. H. Y. Ho M  
 E. L. Monser
M (C)  M  M
 M. H. Paull M (C) M M  
 W. T. Smith M
 M  M