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Global Data Privacy Policy

At Air Products we believe it is our responsibility to safeguard the personal information of our employees and all other individuals with whom we deal.

Air Products has established the following privacy policy to ensure that personal information is collected, handled and stored in a secure manner. Air Products will also adhere to any additional data protection requirements in the countries in which Air Products operate.

  • Air Products does not sell personal information to third parties. 
  • Air Products restricts the use of and access to personal information to those individuals for whom there is a specific purpose to access such information to supply goods and service on behalf of the company.
  • Air Products retention of personal information is governed by legal, tax and operating obligations and Air Products will not hold this information longer than is necessary.
  • Air Products maintains high levels of security around personal information, both for data held electronically and on paper, and regularly reviews and updates security measures as appropriate. 
  • Subject to applicable law and certain exemptions, you may have the right to access, rectify, oppose the processing, or delete your Personal Data.

Please contact privacy@airproducts.com with any questions.