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Piping system where gases could be used to identify leaks.

Leak Detection

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Helium can be used to detect leaks and prevent contamination. Helium is applied to the suspected leak area and because it’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, inert and has the second smallest molecular size, it easily penetrates even the smallest leaks. Helium leak detection can be used in a variety of applications such as air conditioning and refrigeration units, lamps and lighting tubes, electrical equipment, semiconductor components, automotive parts, lithium battery packs, packaging (food, aerosol), vacuum systems, pressure vessels, gauges, regulators, compressors, and hermetic packaging.

From a safety perspective, leak testing can be used to prevent hazardous gases and liquids from escaping the containment system and entering the work environment. The reverse situation, where external gases or liquids are allowed to enter the containment system is a process integrity reason for leak testing.

Helium for leak testing can also be used for equipment reliability which monitors system leak integrity which helps keep contaminants out. This keeps the system running smoothly by minimizing internal contaminants and related adverse chemical reactions which can lead to system problems and downtime.

Many industries use mass spectrometers and helium to detect small holes or tears in equipment, preventing manufacturing defects from going unnoticed or even stopping impending failures before disaster strikes.

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Don Bowe

Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

“How do I know if I'm wasting gas due to leaks in my gas piping?”
Gas piping leaks can result from various conditions, including improper thread sealing, missed brazed joints, defective piping, over pressurization, or even vibration and shocks. A pinhole leak can cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the size, number and severity of the leak(s). There are many ways to detect leaks; for instance, using soap tests, pressure drop tests, ultrasonic, mass spectometry or thermal conductivity tests. They all have their place; however, they also often come with limitations in precision, speed, difficulty or cost. Air Products’ leak detection service can identify and repair costly leaks in your piping to help improve your part quality and bottom line.

Helium for Leak Detection

Many industries use helium to detect small holes or tears in equipment, preventing manufacturing defects from going unnoticed or even stopping impending failures before disaster strikes.
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