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Our goal is always zero accidents and zero incidents. We continue to build on our culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging. We are committed to supporting our communities, engaging suppliers, and upholding our integrity.

CareWe engage with key stakeholders, working with our customers to improve sustainability, engaging with governments to understand their development and energy goals, and building projects to help them meet these goals. We also partner with civil society organizations to understand how we can work with them to amplify the social benefits of our projects and be better stewards of the environment.

Throughout these efforts we strive to promote safety, health, our people, and our communities.

Safety is fundamental to who we are as a company. Safety is a shared value, and our employees’ commitment to safety is demonstrated in many ways every day. Safety is a critical component of everything we do, everywhere in the world.

  • We promote the health of our employees, on and off the job by requiring healthy practices at our sites, on the road, and encouraging them at home.
  • We are focused on enabling our employees to thrive and excel at Air Products.
  • We have a tradition of excellence that has been built by passionate, talented people who are driven to succeed.
  • We continue to invest in the communities in which we live and work.

Raising the Bar for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Our higher purpose goes beyond just delivering superior financial performance. Our higher purpose includes bringing people from all walks of life together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges.

To support our goal of being the most diverse industrial gas company in the world, Air Products is taking a measurable, transparent step to further increase the number of females and U.S. minorities in professional and managerial roles. By 2025, we aim to achieve at least 28 percent female representation in these roles globally, and 30 percent minority representation in these roles in the U.S.

By being transparent about Air Products’ goals and our progress against them, we can visibly demonstrate our genuine commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging, and bring everyone along on the journey with us.

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Talent and Diversity

Air Products brings together a talented, diverse, and motivated team of people to help fulfill our higher purpose of developing innovative solutions to the world's most significant energy and environmental challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion

Supply Chain

Thousands of suppliers are essential to our success. We work with quality suppliers who help Air Products deliver value and excellent service to our customers and who share our commitment to ethical business practices. All suppliers are expected to abide by and conform to our Code of Conduct in their business dealings with us and to support sustainability through the principles outlined in our Sustainability Expectations of Suppliers, which include environmental, human rights, and community considerations. 

Our procurement teams have supplier qualification processes in place to ensure we receive the quality supplies and services we need. The supplier qualification process is a combination of prequalification and ongoing monitoring. New suppliers are qualified using criteria including commercial risk, safety, performance, and sustainability. If noncompliance is identified for an existing supplier through ongoing monitoring, our procurement teams work with the supplier to take proper corrective actions and rectify the issue.

We are commited to improving our own performance.

Our Environment, Health and Safety policy outlines the basic principles in managing our businesses worldwide.

EH&S Policy

Sustainability Report

Learn more about our sustainability progress and performance.

Sustainability Report