We set aggressive environmental performance goals for greenhouse gases, energy, water, and our fleet, and we measure progress to continually improve our own operations.

WaterWe have a shared responsibility to protect our air, water and land. This is reflected in our fundamental ambition to help solve today’s and tomorrow’s energy and environmental challenges.

We are committed to improving our own performance by operating efficiently, incorporating environmental considerations into the design of our facilities and products, effectively managing environmental risks and transparently communicating our environmental performance. While our resource consumption and emissions may increase due to growing societal and customer demands for our products, our efficiency and environmental improvements enable us to make our customers’ processes and products better without proportionally expanding the environmental footprint of our ASU and HyCO businesses.

In 2019, we continued to make progress on our 2020 environmental sustainability goals (2015 baseline year):

  • Save energy by reducing use intensity by 2.5% for ASUs, and 1.5% for HyCOs 
  • Reduce GHG emissions intensity by 2% 
  • Improve efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions related to distribution by 10%
  • Conserve water and lower use intensity by 5% 

As we reach the end of our 2020 sustainability goal framework, we are establishing a new set of sustainability targets.