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Floating LNG plant

Floating LNG Plant Processess and Equipment


Air Products’ cryogenic equipment and natural gas liquefaction processes have become the standard for baseload LNG, both onshore and offshore. Our liquefaction systems are widely used because of their proven low cost, high reliability, high efficiency and operational flexibility. (Photo provided courtesy of Petronas)

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Benefits to our customers

Proven Technology

All performance tests successfully passed the first time

Guaranteed Performance

Delivered with performance guarantees on LNG production, specific power, and quality

High Efficiency and Operational Flexibility

That’s why our liquefaction systems have become the standard for baseload LNG both onshore and offshore

FLNG Process Offering

The Technology

Natural gas liquefaction technologies include the following processes:

  • AP-DMR™ (1.0 – 6.0 MTPA)
  • AP-N™ (0.1 - 1.8 MTPA)
  • AP-SMR™ (0.3 -1.8 MTPA)
  • AP-C1™ (0.1 - 4.0 MTPA)

Process guarantees are provided on LNG production and quality, and refrigeration power and quality.

Cold Box for Petronas 1 FLNG project. Shipping from Tanjung Langsat port

The Equipment

  • Coil-wound heat exchangers (CWHEs) for reliable liquefaction with minimal deck space requirement
  • Companders, which are highly efficient turbines with a robust skidded design for the offshore FLNG environment
  • Cold boxes with plate fin heat exchangers in economizer service, suitable for low thermal transient process conditions (gas cooling gas).
Download Air Products’ Coil Wound Heat Exchangers: the best choice for LNG applications data sheet

LNG Liquefaction block diagram

The leading LNG technology and equipment provider

Air Products is the premier global LNG technology, equipment, and services provider. Our unique ability to integrate the liquefaction process design and critical liquefaction equipment leads to an optimization of performance, costs, operability and reliability that has become the benchmark of the LNG industry.
Download Air Products' Coil Wound Heat Exchangers: the best choice for LNG applications data sheet

World-class LNG technology adapted for offshore applications

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