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What you don’t know could be costing you money

The AP-OptiPlus™ Program guides operators and engineers through troubleshooting and performance optimization of the liquefaction unit of an LNG plant. An easy-to-use software program, customized for your liquefaction plant, that collects key data, makes assessments and offers adjustment advice leading to peak performance and LNG plant production.

We can help optimize your plant

Our AP-OptiPlus™ Program features:

Process monitoring dashboard to identify problems or suboptimal operation

Tag optimization guides to manage critical process parameters

Step-by-step logic flowcharts for peak performance

Optimization for single or multiple trains

Training aid for operators and engineers

Success Story

The AP-OptiPlus™ Program was first implemented in 2009 and has since been successfully employed on 8 major LNG trains located in Peru, Papua New Guinea and Qatar. The optimization program has helped these LNG producers identify process improvements and equipment operation concerns very quickly and provided structured problem solving solutions. This has led to better performing and more reliable liquefier operation. Some operators have experienced a 1 to 3% liquefaction production or efficiency gain. With the help of the AP-OptiPlus™ Program, our customers are able to produce LNG more efficiently and more easily meet their annual LNG production targets.

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